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Do you run any website? If so, we are pretty sure you have become much more dependent on visit rate from Facebook. Have you noticed that since the last year it has become more difficult to bring visitor to your website through organic/unpaid range of your Facebook group?

Did you know that according to the SocialFlow research, the range of organic posts on Facebook has been decreased in the first half of 2016 by

incredible 42 percent?

Simply said, if your daily website´s visit rate showed 10-thousand users in 2015, in 2016 it would be 5800 daily visitors even by sharing the same content

This could cause a big problem to you either you have your own e-shop or run some kind of medium. It doesn't matter anymore that you have 100-thousand fans at your hardly built Facebook website. The only important fact is the ”reach” thus organic range of your posts. A website with 5-thousand fans could have much bigger range than a website with 50-thousand fans (you would be probably not very pleased reading this now in case you have been paying for new fans during last couple of years).

Of course, the range of organic posts on your website didn’t decreased by 42 percent to most of you. Nevertheless, you have probably spent more energy to keep your regular visit rate or you have invested to the paid view of your posts (and everyone has their own financial limits). As we cannot assume that the Facebook´s rate would be changed, you would need to be working on this tactic more and more as well as to spend more money on this boosting. portal was created by people who also have been depended on the visit rate from Facebook and the change of the post view algorithm has become harmful for them. But thanks to focusing on this problem they came to various tricks which are helping to reduce the negative impact of Facebook changes or even to reverse it to people's benefit.

We would like to present you those tricks on our website Please don’t forget to follow our BLOG where we will analyze this topic more deeply and you will have a possibility to try our tools that we are preparing for you. There will be more tools available for different target groups - because it´s a very different situation when you are running some amusing website with funny videos, serious news coverage or some e-shop with luxury watches.

Goal of website is to make Facebook a valuable and effective tool for your website´s visit rate. Team