Facebook Share Screen

BST Go.live
Your best option for Facebook viral content

for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

BST Go.Live Screen Capture

Share on Facebook with live broadcast what you are doing on your computer.

S BST Go.Live Screen Capture you can:

  • set the name of the video
  • set the text that appears in the Facebook status
  • set whether you want to broadcast the video on Facebook page, Facebook group, Facebook event, or through your personal profile
  • set video quality (360p, 480p, 720p)
  • select the display from which live broadcast is to be displayed
  • set the audio source if you want to use it

Live video can be broadcast for 15 minutes with a free license, or for a full 4 hours via free friend license (just like our facebook page).


Free version
With the basic free version of the product, you can share a quiz for 15 minutes.

Free Friend version
With a free friend license, you can share a quiz for 30 minutes. You can receive it by tagging Like on our Facebook page bestsocialtricks

Pro version
With Pro version you can share a quiz for up to 4 hours. The quiz is not showing any ad.