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BST Go.Live Facebook Quiz

Brand new on Facebook! Create your own viral quizzes and reach as many people as never before!

The Best Social Tricks quiz that you can run on your Facebook sites, groups, events and even on your own Timeline!

The quiz principle is simple - you ask questions, and your fans or friends comment on live video writing their tips for correct answers. Those who respond correctly are evaluated by points. The order of the contestants is continuously available on the hyperlink that is included under the live video.

S BST Go.Live Facebook Quiz you can:

  • share a quiz to Facebook sites, groups, events, or own Timeline via live video
  • set your quiz background
  • set the time (countdown) to the start of the quiz
  • ask the question to which you will set the right answer in advance
  • set a time limit for answering each question
  • show running contests and overall rankings

Quiz rules

  • the quiz author puts questions and sets the right answers for them
  • video contestants write their tips for correct answers using a hashtag (for example, the correct answer is to see if the earth is round is "#yes").
  • all contestants who have responded correctly within the time limit will receive one point. The contestant who responded correctly and was the fastest, will receive two points.
  • during the quiz, you can refer to the contestants for a quiz sequence
  • after the end of the quiz, a link will appear on the contest where the final standings of quiz will appear


Free version
With the basic free version of the product, you can share a quiz for 15 minutes.

Free Friend version
With a free friend license, you can share a quiz for 30 minutes. You can receive it by tagging Like on our Facebook page bestsocialtricks. Just click here:

Pro version
With Pro version you can share a quiz for up to 4 hours. The quiz is not showing any ad.